On Newspapers and Responses

19 Sep

Back in August, Ryan and I were interviewed by the Kansas City Star about our lives. The article ran on September 4th.

When I agreed to be a part of the article, I did it for one reason. I wanted people to see that we’re just a normal couple who want normal couple things. I did not for a moment consider the response. My father-in-law was the first one to raise the prospect of reaction to me. He complimented how brave we were being to share our story. And how he and Ryan’s mom were so proud of us for speaking out.

I’ve read some of the comments that have appeared on the online version of the article, but it seems that anything truly mean were moderated out long before I got there.

The only direct response I got from the article was a frequent customer at the bank. She wanted to pass along how proud she was of me, but I wasn’t in the branch at the time. She became very concerned that my absence was some form of retaliation. That’d I’d been fired for revealing my orientation. One of my co-workers reassured her that I was in fact still employed, and that the bank includes sexual orientation in its own diversity policy.

Because the truth is there is no reason why my employer couldn’t decide tomorrow to fire me because I’m gay. It’s perfectly legal in Kansas. And in more than half of the United States.

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