Opinion Sandwich

02 Aug

I try to have a thick skin when it comes to media coverage of gay rights struggles. The push to show “both sides” of every issue often gives voice to people with hateful things to say.

I haven’t said anything here about a certain chicken restaurant and their increasingly public stance against marriage equality, because as private citizens and a private company, they are entitled to their views. I can and have chosen not to eat there.

But in the wake of the most recent dust-up, and the national media attention that it gained, several groups and media personalities (including former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee) organized an “Appreciation Day” for the restaurant yesterday.

National media buzzed with images and video of long lines and crowds at the restaurant’s many locations, and I was struck by something.

What did I do to deserve their scorn? Their derision? Their anger?

I just want to marry the man I love and live a quiet life together. Maybe have a son or daughter I can teach to ride a bike and take to Pixar movies.

But an apparently large number of people in this country believe strongly enough that I shouldn’t be allowed those things, that they lined up around the building to buy a chicken sandwich in “solidarity” against me.

This is what “second class” feels like.

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