They Are Not The Same

06 Jun

“What does it matter who you vote for? The two parties are pretty much the same anyway.”

“It’s like picking between the lesser of two evils.”

“It’s just a matter of deciding who’s gonna lie to you less.”

Every time I hear someone say something like this, I get hot under the collar. Because the only ways you could realistically think that the Democratic and Republican parties are the same is to be completely uninformed or lack any intelligence.

Democrats argue for raising the minimum wage, Republicans want it to stay the same or get rid of it.

Republicans want to privatize Social Security, Democrats want to strengthen the system as it is now.

Democrats think that regulating polluting is necessary to protect the environment, and Republicans think that it puts an undue burden on businesses.

Republicans think Labor Unions are a hinderance to the Free Market, but Democrats think Labor Unions are important to maintaining workers’ rights.

And last…

Democrats are for full marriage equality and protections from workplace discrimination for gay and lesbian citizens. Republicans ARE NOT.

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